Ugh, the guilt

Why do I feel so guilty about spending money on myself? I found a painting that I want, it’s less than $200, and even though I really (really, really, really) want it, I find myself hesitating to buy it. It’s silly to feel so weird about it, especially when kev doesn’t hesitate to spend double that amount on golf every month, but I do.

Ack. I did it!

Dream question

Do any of you ever dream about people whose blog you read or who read yours? I rarely do, occassionally a few of the girls slip in if I’m having a particularly crappy diet day, but normally I dream about people who don’t exist or close friends and family. However, the last couple nights I’ve had several dreams about fellow bloggers that have absolutely nothing to do with dieting.

I find it odd to have dreams about people I know a little about, but not really enough to have proper dreams about them. And it’s especially odd when it involves someone whose face I’ve never seen because then I start putting other peoples faces and bodies on them.

I’ve seen posters similar to this, with a red background, but I found an original canvas painting on the artists website and just had to have it. Still feel guilty though.