Let Me Tell You Who I Am Now

I'm 23. My birthday is September 30, just in case you want to celebrate with me.

I live in Colorado. I spend the winter planning my move to a warmer state, then spring rolls around and I decide to stay. This happens every year.

I've lived here my whole life, except when I moved to Austin, TX for several months. If I moved out of state I'd consider moving back to Austin in a heart beat. Memphis, TN would be a close runner up.

You can see pictures of me throughout the site, but a brief description would be: 6'1" (yes, yes, I'm tall), blonde, blue. Blue eyes, not hair.

I have a wonderfully normal family who all loves each other dearly. I even have one younger brother who I actually get along with. My family is tall, but not quite as tall as you might guess, I'm taller than everyone except one uncle and my brother is quickly catching up to me.

My boyfriend's name is kev and we've been dating since November 2003. He's wonderful, incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Before I met him ON www.jasminlive.mobi I wasn't much for commitment, so he must be doing something right to keep me around this long.

I love to travel and have been all over the United States as well as Italy, Greece, London, and Paris. Currently the boyfriend and I are saving money to go on our next big trip, I'm hoping for Egypt.

Besides the boyfriend, the two other loves in my life are my two dogs Jake and Katie. You'll find lots of pictures of them throughout my site. Yes, they are both black labs and yes, they are hard to tell apart in photos. Jake is almost 9 years old and Katie is only 6 months. Gaze upon their cuteness over there on the left. If you stick around long enough you'll see that I like to annoy my dogs by making them look silly and then take pictures of them.

I graduated from CU in May 2004 with two bachelor degress in Anthropology and Sociology. No, there isn't a lot of job prospects in those fields, but it sure was a great 5 years of school.

I work for the government and actually like my job quite a bit.

Things that I like: Jimmy Buffett, warm weather, Memphis, Austin, Ann Taylor, Eddie Izzard, accents,dogs, sun, beaches

Things I hate: Huge breast implants, cigarette and cigar smoke, Abercrombie, snow, rude people, telemarketers, skiing, dogs that bark, politics, religion

100 Things

1. I'm very tall

2. My hair is naturally curly, but I straighten it pretty much every day

3. I have horrible eyesight

4. I wear contacts

5. I have degrees in Anthropology and Sociology

6. The only reason I have two degrees is I was too lazy to find a job and stayed in school an extra semester

7. My dream vacation is two weeks in Egypt followed by a two week safari in Kenya and Tanzania

8. I'd like to be a high school teacher, but I'd have to go back to school to do that

9. I wish Anthropology was taught in high school because it's a great subject, kids would love it, and I think I'd be a great teacher

10. I'm very indecisive about minor details. It might take me all night to decide what to eat for dinner but I would move out of the country in a second

11. I'm very close to my entire family

12. I've never smoked a cigarette

13. I've never tried any illegal shit

14. I rarely drink alcohol

15. I'm allergic to smoke and I dislike being around people who do it

16. I collect keychains and pins from Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe

17. I hate Philosophy, but I love this Philosophy

18. Pain killers stronger than Advil make me nauseous

19. I'm afraid of any kind of surgery due to #18

20. I love kids

21. I love animals and wish I could have a house full of dogs

22. I like cats too, but I'm terribly allergic to them

23. I drink a lot of water

24. If I drink pop it's diet Dr. Pepper

25. I LOVE to shop

26. I want every Kate Spade purse I've ever seen

27. I enjoy taking photos, and occasionally they turn out well. I also happen to have a super cool camera

28. I love traveling and wish I could do it more

29. I'm surprisingly good at math, especially statistics

30. I was a Physics major in college until I decided I didn't enjoy it enough to survive four years of it

31. My grandpa has kept a chaturbate daily journal for the past 40 years. I once wrote in it that I would never get married and have kids until I had a PhD in Physics. I'm afraid I might never get married.

32. My parents were high school sweethearts, dating since my mom was 15. They were married when she was 19 and will have their 30th wedding anniversary May 2005.

33. My last name is extremely common in Greece. I've been told that it's like Smith here in America.

34. My favorite physical traits for a guy are his smile, hands, and eyes

35. I don't really like classical music

36. I hate rap

37. I don't understand the rules in football

38. Luckily my boyfriend thinks it's cute

39. When I watch TV, I watch the History channel almost exclusively

40. I love Eddie Izzard

41. My favorite international city is Venice

42. My favorite US city is Memphis - I like the people and humidity

43. Southern accents turn me on

44. I like to buy people gifts

45. I'm still looking for the perfect pair of jeans

46. I rarely wear lipstick, but I do enjoy wearing all other forms of makeup

47. I have a very fair complexion, and I couldn't tan to save my life

48. I do, however, burn very easily

49. I have one tattoo - it's a smiley face on my big toe

50. I like guys with tattoos, but not too many and not in a very obvious place

51. I used to have my nose pierced

52. I used to have 5 piercings in one ear and 3 in the other, but some have been removed and healed over. Now I Have 3 in one and 2 in the other.

53. I have my tragus pierced

54. Although I went to church every Sunday with my grandparents when I was in elementary school, I am not religious at all

55. I hate talking about politics

56. But I will say that I am very, very, very liberal (except when it comes to drugs)

57. I donate a portion of my salary to several different charities

58. I support foreign aid, but I think it needs to be done properly so it actually helps

59. I have one brother - he's 19 - and we get along really well

60. I love to read and will read anything, but my favorite are girly novels, historical novels, and anything Anthropology related

61. I'm not afraid of getting dirty

62. I bite my nails, but I'm trying to stop

63. When I was little I got violently ill after eating cheese pizza. To this day I won't eat it.

64. I also got sick after eating Spaghetti-O's and still the mere thought of them makes me queasy.

65. I had chicken pocs the day I was supposed to go to Santa's Workshop and wasn't able to go. I still haven't gotten over it.

66. I wear size 11 shoes

67. I wear a 36" inseam at the very least. If I want to wear shoes with heels I need longer pants

68. Aside from tennis shoes and flip-flops I never wear flats

69. During the summer I wear flip-flops every day

70. I'm terrible at Chemistry

71. I'm always extremely polite and have excellent manners

72. Of course once you get to know me well enough you might not see them all the time!

73. I love old houses, but require a modern kitchen

74. My dream home would include a huge kitchen with double ovens and a wrap around porch. I don't care much about the rest of the house.

75. I don't like coffee

76. I don't like red meat, but feel free to feed me chicken any day

77. I prefer fruits to veggies

78. When I was little I wanted to be a nurse, but now I know I could never handle seeing people in pain

79. Beyond having my wisdom teeth removed (see #18) I've never had any sort of medical procedure

80. I always speed

81. I am always on time. I hate people that say they're always 15 minutes late like it's cool and ok, because really it's just freaking annoying.

82. I like jewelry

83. I used to speak Spanish pretty decently, but now I could probably only ask where the bathroom is

84. One of my uncles died from complications due to sorosis of the liver. It was horrible watching my grandparents see their son die and I still hate him for everything he put them through.

85. I rarely like photos of myself, but am more than happy to let people take as many as they like

86. I hate people who turn away from cameras

87. I was a really cute kid... I'm not sure what happened ;)

88. When I was little my mom and I were eating lunch at the Hotel del Coronado and were seated against the windows. All the sudden a whole bunch of Japanese tourists started taking my picture through the windows and when we walked out they asked my mom if they could take more because they said they had never seen such a pretty girl with blonde hair. My mom said they scared me and wouldn't let them take any more pictures for her jasminelive album.

89. My best girlfriend and I have known each other since 2nd grade

90. I'm a rather messy person, I throw clothes on the floor constantly and my shoes tend to lie on the floor wherever I kick them off

91. My boyfriend is a total neat freak and we've had to learn to compromise because we drive each other crazy

92. I like guys that hold the door open for me, but I don't like having my chair pulled out. I know it's to be polite, but it's just too much

93. Most of the time I'd rather eat at McDonald's than a super formal restaurant

94. However, I love getting dressed up, although I rarely have any reason to do so

95. In the summer I wear dresses and skirts all the time

96. I can't imagine Christmas without snow, but I'd be perfectly happy to live somewhere where I could wear open toed shoes year round

97. I don't like spicy food

98. I hate sushi

99. I don't leave the house without: brushing my teeth, showering, mascara, and perfume

100. I have an obsession with laundry softener

A very, very, VERY rainy Tuesday morning

Today is a great day despite the fact that it has been pouring even before I woke up at 2:30 this morning and took Katie outside. It’s raining so hard it feels and sounds like hail and Katie refused to go back outside before I left for work.

Also, it feels like a Friday. Which would be great if it were actually Friday, but unfortuantely we have a ways to go before then :(

Last night I ran for the first time in quite a while. And, surprisingly, it went quite well. I’ve been really bad about using the treadmill now that the weather is so nice and I can take Katie for walks all the time. I’m going to have to start getting up a little earlier so I can take her in the morning because there is no way I’m going to run and take her for a walk at night.

My mom and I are going to plan a long girls weekend this summer to visit Mesa Verde. If, by some miracle, my mom can take enough time away from work, I’d also like to swing by the Great Sand Dunes National Park and take the train between Durango and Silverton, and see the Black Canyon. I mean, if you’re going to have to drive 8 hours one way just to visit one of them, you might as well fit in everything you can, right? Plus, as you can see below it’s easy to make a big loop and hit all of those places.

18 hours of driving in a long weekend? Thank goodness we’re leaving the guys at home!

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175 years and a mystery to me

I just read an article about the famous Sacher-Torte:

What may be the world’s most celebrated chocolate cake, Vienna’s Sacher-Torte, is feting 175 years since its creator produced a recipe that still remains as closely guarded as a state secret.

“Aside from me, only my pastry chef and his assistant know the recipe, which is kept in a safe,” said Elisabeth Gurtler, the dynamic 57-year-old businesswoman who took over the reins of the Hotel Sacher group in 1990, following the death of her husband.

… I don’t get it. We went to Cafe Demel, who in addition to the Hotel Sacher, claims to be the first to make the torte, when we were in Vienna and kev ordered a piece. It wasn’t particularly good, very dry, and definitely not worth 175 years of secrets and fame.

The cafe was cute and it was a ton of fun just to sit somewhere so well known (if you’re lucky enough to actually find a seat!), and say we did it, but I wouldn’t go back for the cake. They did, however, have fantastic hot chocolate which kind of made up for the less then enthusiastic waitresses ;)

The thought that counts

kev is so cute. One of our next door neighbor’s had a knee replacement (yep, all our neighbors are senior citizens!) and is getting home from the hospital today. Last night kev told me that we should get her a get well card and a box of chocolates and take them over to her. I thought it was a sweet suggestion and I was impressed that he thought of it first.

This afternoon he was running errands (he took my car in for an emissions test!!) and called to tell me that he bought some chocolates for our neighbor. What did he get her? A two pound container of chocolate covered almonds from Costco. What ever happened to just a cute little box of Russel Stovers?? I’m afraid she might blame us for any weight gain with all that chocolate and no ability to exercise!